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Vaastu Tips

Vaastu in Sanskrit means nature, a surrounding or environment. The word "Vaastu" came from Vasthu , denoting anything existing such as house, shelter, building etc.Shastra in Sanskrit means systems.The origin of vaastushastra may have taken place well over thousands of years ago. The learned men of those days may not have lived in houses themselves but they most definitely dedicated their lives to the development of the science "vaastushastra" or "vaastu", as it is popularly known today.

Vaastu Tips for Home

  • The main door of the house should preferably be located in any of the exalted positions from the Northeast corner - either from North of Northeast or from East of Northeast.
  • The kitchen should be ideally situated in the South-east corner of the house and as an alternative in certain cases, may be in the North-west corner, but in both cases, the cooking platform should be arranged to facilitate cooking while facing east only.
  • The bathroom should be constructed in the west or south direction and its drains should flow towards northeast.
  • Mirrors, sinks, wash-basins and taps should preferably be along the North East walls and they should not be any leakage from taps.
  • Do not keep prickly cactus, plants in the house.
  • There should not be obstructive houses surrounding your plot.
  • The rooms in the northern part of the house should be larger than the rooms in the southern side, by 6-9 inches, and lower by 1-3 inches. The ideal height of the rooms should be 12-14 feet. The main door should be larger than the inner doors and all doors should open facing the walls.
  • Avoid keeping a T.V. set in bed-room.
  • Avoid having garbage dump, street – light pole, or boulders in front of the main gate or door.
  • Do not having a painting depicting war, crime, unrest, agony or distress.
  • Grain and other provisions can be stored in the kitchen or in other rooms and cupboards. Things should not be stored in box beds, because it causes sleeping disorders.
  • Place a happy family picture in living room.
  • A ladder to go up stair curved on the right side should be divided in to two parts. It should be constructed leaving north-east or south-west direction. Ladders stepping down towards north or west create waste of Lakshmi.
  • Guest room should be in the northwest direction. The room in this direction is also considered suitable for unmarried girls.

Vaastu Tips for Office

  • Money & valuables should be kept in an almirah or safe facing north.
  • Boss should sit in south-west facing east or north.
  • A Boring or tube well in south is bad for finances.
  • The employees of your office should not sit under beam. In case the beam cannot be avoided, cover it with a wooden board.
  • Keep your files in your office as given below and it will help you in your business as each and every file in your office plays an important role in the business.
  • The appropriate location for the toilet is northeast and southwest directions.
  • Computer room should be in south-east.
  • The accounts department should be located in the southeast direction.
  • Marketing department should be located in the northwest zone of the office.
  • Water flowing from north to east is very good.
  • Pantry should be in south-east or north-west.
  • Central zone of office premises should be kept empty.
  • The location, perfect for the pantry, falls in the southeast or northwest zone.
  • Make sure that your office is not built near a temple, graveyard or hospital.
  • Make sure that the height of the building is equal in all sides.

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